Our Process

Our commitment to you is long term because building and maintaining wealth is a long-term proposition spanning not only your lifetime, but multiple generations. It takes discipline, patience, and ongoing course corrections along the way. Accordingly, we follow a formal process that leaves no stone unturned and focuses on your own desired outcomes.

Our Process



The relationship begins with an honest conversation, provided at our own cost. We get to know your values and goals and determine if there is a mutual fit for working together.


We collaborate with you on a strategy, utilizing technology, tools, and specialists to help you make decisions. Your strategy may include:

  • Written Plan, which could include Cash Flow Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate planning, Tax planning, and Insurance Planning
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Action Checklist
  • Coordination with your CPA, attorney, etc.


Change is constant, and threats can come from all sides. We monitor progress and reassess your strategy on an ongoing basis.

  • Up to 12 scheduled meetings each year
  • Annual Insurance Review
  • Goal Progress Report


Ultimately, our business is about providing you with the time and resources to enjoy life and pursue your own passions. You can be confident that your financial life is always in order, and, to the extent desired, leave a legacy to future generations, including family heirs and charitable organizations.