Our Philosophy

We provide the leadership necessary for families and business owners to achieve their goals, based on a shared philosophy. We’re not for everyone, but if you believe what we believe or are intrigued to learn more, let’s talk.

What We Believe

  • Your goals and interests come first, not a corporation’s quarterly performance or latest product quota.
    • We have a business model where our firm remains independent and free to act in your best interest, without pressure to promote a particular product or strategy. 
  • You deserve world-class service and attention.
    • We work with a select, limited group of households in order to provide the best experience possible.
  • Your financial life is more than your investment portfolio
    • We evaluate every aspect of your financial program, including cash flow, risk management, taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, and, yes, portfolio management, too.
  • Taxes are a major threat to your financial future.
    • We prioritize creative strategies to minimize taxes in retirement.
  • True long-term investing requires faithpatience, and discipline.
    • We help you tune out the 24/7 financial media and focus on what actually matters for your own goals and financial strategy.
  • Your behavior matters as much as anything else.
    • We ask the tough questions and hold you accountable to your plans. 
  • Your success in your own field does not mean that you necessarily understand your own finances.
    • We educate clients and empower them to make informed decisions.